A Costa Rican Sunday Treat: 20% Off Our Coffee Trio

A Costa Rican Sunday Treat 20% Off Our Coffee Trio
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This email was sent January 28, 2024 7:00pm

Cafe Britt’s latest email promotes a Costa Rican Sunday Treat, offering a 20% discount on their Coffee Trio. The special deal encompasses three distinct coffee blends, including dark roast, light roast, and fusion. The sitewide discount, accessible with the code HARVESTSALE at checkout, brightens up the Sunday with a flavorful exploration of their diverse coffee range. The promotion, valid only for the day, presents a golden opportunity for coffee enthusiasts to discover and enjoy Cafe Britt’s premium selection.

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Cafe Britts’s Harvest Pick’s

Brighten up your Sunday with our Harvest Sale special selections. Today, we’re not only featuring three distinct coffees from our range but also offering a 20% Off our Coffee Trio. Use code HAVESTSALE *at checkout 

Dark Roast: Deep and Intense

Every cup of Café Britt’s Costa Rican Dark Roast Coffee is the perfect blend of premium beans from the Western and Central Valley regions. This blend delivers a sweet, chocolatey flavor counterbalanced by a full-bodied, acidic aroma—capturing the true essence of Costa Rica.

Light Roast: Bright and Lively

From the first sip to the last drop, Cafe Britt’s Costa Rica Light Roast Coffee provides an enthralling coffee-drinking experience. This blend of arabica coffee beans from the country’s Central and Western Valley Regions creates the perfect blend, with higher acidity and many subtle aromas you’ll enjoy. It’s a well-balanced drink that will definitely perk up your mornings. Order now and brew your own cup!

Fusion Blend: The Perfect Balance

Enjoy Cafe Britt’s Costa Rica Fusion Coffee, a sophisticated drink that offers the best of two worlds: dark roast and light roast coffees. Unlike other blends, the fusion blend is combined after the roasting process. This process entails a lot of control and care, with the final result highlighting the properties of dark and light-roasted arabica beans. You’ll enjoy deep flavors and chocolatey aromas complemented by light citrusy undertones — an exquisite blend perfect for your mornings.

Grab on this chance to explore our diverse range and find your perfect match. Remember, our entire selection is 20% off today.

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  1. Offer Focus: Costa Rican Sunday Treat – 20% Off Coffee Trio.
  2. Coffee Selection: Dark Roast, Light Roast, Fusion.
  3. Promo Code: Use HARVESTSALE at checkout.
  4. Time Sensitivity: Limited-time deal, valid only for the day.
  5. Sitewide Discount: 20% off entire selection.
  6. Encouragement: Explore diverse coffee range for your perfect match.
  7. Brand Engagement: Prompts users to claim the brand on Milled.
  8. Visual Appeal: Emojis and imagery for a vibrant presentation.
  9. Call to Action: Urges customers not to miss out on the special offer.