Don’t Forget: Save up to 20% off

Petco_ Don't Forget_ Save up to 20% off
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This email was sent February 25, 2024 8:56pm

The email from Petco offers a limited-time discount of up to 20% when purchasing online and opting for in-store pickup. The promotion, valid until March 2, 2024, provides 10% off on a $50+ spend and 20% off on an $80+ spend. The email highlights various pet categories such as dog, cat, small pets, fish, reptiles, and birds, emphasizing the in-store pickup option for added convenience. It also encourages joining the Vital Care program for points on purchases. The message conveys a commitment to pet health and wellness, inviting customers to explore products and services at Petco locations.

Email Text Version:

Save on what you need now when you buy online and pick up

10% OFF $50+, 20% OFF $80+

when you buy online, pick up in store – Shop Now

In-store pickup for every pet

  • Dog Food & Supplies
  • Cat Food & Supplies
  • Shop Small Pet
  • Fish Food & Accessories
  • Bird Food & Supplies

We hope to see you soon

Our Petco locations and in-store experts are here to help bring your pet their total health and wellness needs. Visit us today to check out our wide range of products and exceptional services, and remember that your pet is always welcome to join!

Email Key Summary:

  1. Discount Offer: Save up to 20% when buying online and picking up in-store.
  2. Promo Details: 10% off on $50+ and 20% off on $80+.
  3. Expiration Date: Valid through 3/2/24.
  4. Categories: Dog, cat, small pets, fish, reptiles, birds.
  5. In-store Pickup: Emphasis on the convenience of in-store pickup.
  6. Vital Care Program: Join for points on every purchase.
  7. Pet Health Commitment: Highlighting Petco’s dedication to total pet health.
  8. Encouragement to Visit: Invite to explore products and services at Petco locations.
  9. App Download: Promoting the Petco app for managing services and orders conveniently.