SCORE 15% Off Supplements, Sports & Diet

SCORE 15% Off Supplements, Sports & Diet
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The email from offers a 15% discount on supplements, sports, and diet products with the code “STRONG*”. It encourages recipients to explore the Heart Health Shop for cardiovascular support. The email, sent on February 19, 2024, also highlights the Autoship option, allowing customers to schedule automatic deliveries at a discount. Vitacost emphasizes its extensive range of nearly 40,000 health and wellness products, including specialty items like organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free options. The company boasts everyday savings, extra discounts, and a 30-year commitment to providing trusted service.

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Plus, be heart smart & visit our Heart Health Shop.

15% Off Supplements, Sports & Diet


Heart Heath Shop

Cardiovascular support to optimize your well being

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Email Key Summary:

  • 15% off supplements, sports, and diet with code “STRONG*”
  • Explore Heart Health Shop for cardiovascular support
  • Autoship option for scheduled automatic deliveries at a discount
  • Nearly 40,000 health and wellness products available
  • Specialized items include organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free options
  • Emphasizes everyday savings and extra discounts
  • Vitacost committed to 30 years of trusted service