👋 Your Vegan Menu for February 26th, 2024

Your Vegan Menu for February 26th, 2024
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Explore our Vegan Menu for February 26th, 2024, featuring oil-free entrees, side dishes, and soups. All made-to-order with an order deadline at 5 PM PST on Friday. Embrace a healthy start to the year with our Vegan Meal Plans, Cleanses, and 5:2 Intermittent Fasting. Gift certificates are available for health-conscious individuals. Enhance your order with protein-packed tempeh, or wholesome power oats. Nationwide delivery options and subscription savings are also offered. Check out our diverse cleanse plans, including a collaboration with Keck Hospital of USC for a 5-Day Vegan Cleanse. Start your journey to health today!

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Your Delicious Vegan Menu Is Here

All of our entrees, side dishes, & soups are oil-free, unless otherwise noted. All orders are made-to-order just for you! So, remember to order on-time 🙂



Eating Healthy Is Easy, Convenient & Affordable! Start Your New Year With Our One of Our Healthy Vegan Meal Plan, Cleanse or 5:2 Intermittent Fasting

The Perfect Gift – Gift Certificates Available!

Click HERE to give that health-nut or foodie a tasty gift delivered right to their doorstep

Protein Pack – Add to your next order, our braised, lightly-seasoned tempeh and edamame, that will go with any of our sides or entrees.Click HERE to add a pack to your order.

Wholesome Power Oats – Add to your next order, our special blend of lightly sweetened rolled oats, chia seeds, almond milk, and spices, ready to be topped with your favorite fresh or dried fruits, nuts, or seeds. Click HERE to add them to your order

5-Day Vegan Cleanse – This soup and juice-based cleanse is a result of a collaboration with an internal medicine doctor and certified wellness practitioner from Keck Hospital of USC. The nutritional information for each item on this menu has been reviewed, tasted, and approved by our professional collaborators.

Our low-carb, low-sodium soups rotate from week to week, but some varieties you can expect are Cream of Broccoli, Tomato Hemp Bisque, Cream of Mushroom, Carrots Ginger, Creamy Zucchini, Roasted Pepper Tomato, Chipotle Chowder etc…

21-Day Vegan Cleanse – Get fit, lose weight, and stay healthy with our 21-Day Vegan Cleanse & Vegan Meal Plan. You will receive our 5-day Soup and Juice Cleanse on your first week, which is followed up with two weeks of our healthy, low carb, oil-free, low sodium, low sugar, and terrifically delicious vegan meals.

Your order will have an instruction sheet for you to use as a guide throughout the cleanses, along with the nutritional information.

5:2 Intermittent Fasting Starter Plan – A simple method involves eating your regular meals for 5 days and reduce your food consumption for 2 days.  

This is an excellent starter plan based on fasting mimicking diet research which may help with your weight management plan. It avoids rigid dieting and helps you to practice eating less for long term results. This concept is created by a Certified Wellness Practitioner. 

Blood Sugar Control Meal Plan – MD/Nutritionist designed vegan meal plans that ensure proper nutrition and balance to assist those who are in need to transition their eating lifestyle conveniently and easy. Receive a combination of our vegan entrees from our weekly vegan menu, juices, nut-based milk, pea protein powder and vegan soups for 6 days. All of our vegan meals are made with low sodium content, less than 5g of sugar per serving, low to no carbs, oil-free, and organic produce.

Email Key Summary:

  • Vegan Menu for Feb 26: Oil-free entrees, sides, and soups.
  • Made-to-order with a 5 PM PST Friday deadline.
  • Healthy Vegan Meal Plans, Cleanses, 5:2 Fasting promoted.
  • Gift certificates available.
  • Additional options: Protein Pack with tempeh, Wholesome Power Oats.
  • Nationwide delivery and subscription savings offered.
  • Diverse cleanse plans, 5-Day Vegan Cleanse collaboration with Keck Hospital.
  • Blood Sugar Control Meal Plan for convenient eating lifestyle transition.
  • 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Starter Plan based on fasting mimicking diet research.
  • Emphasis on low sodium, low sugar, oil-free, and organic produce in vegan meals.