$99.99 vegan meal deal special – 4 vegan meal sets special Available

Vegan Meal Deal Special
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This email was sent February 4, 2024 8:15am

This email offers a special $99.99 Vegan Meal Deal comprising 4 preset sets featuring 3 entrees, 4 sides, 1 soup, and 1 bag of cookies. The deal, activated with the code “Veg30,” is available for LA delivery at $99.99 (Monday delivery), SoCal/NorCal orders at $119.99 (Monday ship date), and nationwide orders at $159.99 (Monday ship date). Note that customization is not available, and duplicate dishes may be received. The soup is considered a side dish. Orders can be placed now.

Email Text Version:

Vegan Meal Deal Special

Starting: $99.99

(Discount Code: Veg30)

4 Regular Sets Available!!

Order NOW!

You will receive the following: 3 Entrees, 4 Sides, 1 Soup & 1 Bag of Cookies

NOTE: Enter coupon code on the last page of checkout process. Based on preset combination of dishes. No customization. You may receive duplicate dishes with this meal deal special. Soup is considered as a side dish.

  • LA Delivery: $99.99 (Monday delivery)
  • SoCal/NorCal Order : $119.99 (Monday ship date)
  • Nationwide Order : $159.99 (Monday Ship Date)

Email Key Summary:

  • Special $99.99 Vegan Meal Deal with code “Veg30.”
  • 4 preset sets: 3 entrees, 4 sides, 1 soup, 1 bag of cookies.
  • LA Delivery: $99.99 (Monday delivery).
  • SoCal/NorCal Order: $119.99 (Monday ship date).
  • Nationwide Order: $159.99 (Monday Ship Date).
  • No customization; preset dish combinations apply.
  • Duplicate dishes possible with this deal.
  • Soup is counted as a side dish.
  • Orders open now; enter coupon code on the last checkout page.