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$9.95 For The Milk Street Cookbook
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This email was sent February 18, 2024 1:01am

This exclusive email offer presents the 6th Anniversary Edition Milk Street Cookbook for just $9.95, available for pre-order this weekend only. The 752-page culinary companion features 543 recipes, 250 photos, and promises to transform your cooking with bold flavors in less time. With a code provided (TV6DEAL), you can seize this opportunity to revolutionize your culinary skills and enjoy a diverse range of global recipes from Milk Street Television’s first six seasons.

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This weekend only. ­

Change the way you cook with The Milk Street Cookbook, the 752-page culinary companion to the Milk Street Television Show features every recipe from the first six seasons. This weekend only, get the cookbook for only $9.95. Use code TV6DEAL.


Dear Milk Streeter,

The new edition of the Milk Street Cookbook is now available for pre-order with 543 recipes, 250 photos and 752 pages of recipes that deliver big, bold flavors with less work and less time. Every recipe from all 144 episodes of Milk Street Television is included!We think home cooking should be easier and faster but still produce fresher bolder flavors. How about you?That is the promise of Milk Street. We travel the world to bring you new flavor combinations and new techniques to make your cooking simpler and better.

A Must Have: Nice to have the complete seasons, lots of great ideas, easy recipes with ingredients not hard to find. Do not need any other cookbooks. —Danielle G.

A Revolution in Cooking

We can change the way you cook by traveling the world looking for better ways to put dinner on the table. A lighter and easier Fettuccine Alfredo. Pizza dough you don’t have to stretch and shape—just pour it in the pan. The secret to the world’s best recipe for Falafel (that we found in Jordan.) Most recipes are business as usual but here at Milk Street, it’s cooking unusual—fresh, bold, easy ways to prepare the foods you love.

Milk Street recipes can change the way you cook overnight. Great food is as simple as starting with the right recipes. Pre-order your copy of The New Milk Street Cookbook today!

This is a Huge Book! I bought them for Christmas presents for my daughter in laws. Can’t wait to give them! —Teri R.

This season, we search for empanadas in Bogota, find the secrets to the best Pad Thai in Bangkok and visit some of the 87,000 fried chicken restaurants in South Korea. Plus, home cooks invite us into their kitchens for lessons on hummus, pasta and much more. Expect fresh combinations of ingredients, new techniques and recipes that will change the way you cook. Visit to find out when the show airs in your area.

New Takes on Kitchen Favorites

Everybody loves meatballs but in Greece, they add mint, parsley and oregano. If you love chocolate cake, our recipe for Chocolate Olive Oil Cake adds moistness and a rich, silky texture. We traveled to Venice to rethink a simple Spaghetti with Clams recipe—fast and briny. And chicken soup from Mexico kicks this simple recipe up a notch with spices chilies and hominy.

Fascinating and Fun Recipes: Fascinating and fun recipes to bring joy to your life! —George S.

Fresh Recipes from The Milk Street Kitchen

The world is full of surprises. These recipes will make your culinary repertoire better and more interesting and will teach you to turn out food you would have never thought possible. On the Pacific coast of Mexico, we found a Corn Pie, a simple custard pie with the subtle taste of fresh corn. In a Middle East restaurant in London, we came across Green Shakshuka filled with fresh herb flavor. In Rome, there are so many simple pasta dishes that we do not make here but should, including Pasta with Ricotta, Tomatoes and Herbs.

Love It! Both books arrived in excellent condition. Beautiful illustrated. Nicely written beautiful collection. —Dollina T.

Quick, Easy Recipes with Fresh, Bold Flavors

French cooking is about time and technique. But most of the rest of the world simply starts with big flavors (chilies, spices, fermented sauces, bold ingredients such as ginger, etc) so the cooking is quicker and easier. Very few things in life are both easier and better, but cooking the Milk Street way is one of them because the world is full of surprises and recipes that make cooking more exciting.

Must Have Cookbook! Fabulous recipes in all categories. —Bob S.

Dinner in Under 30 Minutes

Some of our favorite recipes are also the quickest, from a Red Lentil Soup to a Frittata to a Korean Stir-Fry.

The very best thing about The New Milk Street Cookbook is that these recipes will change the way you cook, making you a better, faster, more confident cook. You will learn new techniques, new flavor combinations and a new appreciation for powerful ingredients that can transform even your get-it-on-the-table midweek cooking. And you won’t even have to attend a cooking school or spend years mastering French techniques. The first time you cook from The Milk Street Cookbook, you will be a better, more confident cook. 

The New Milk Street Cookbook contains every recipe from all six seasons of Milk Street TV, which appears on public television. Now you can watch the show (you can also stream all seasons of Milk Street TV on our own website at and turn to the book for each and every recipe. It’s the perfect companion to the show. Please reserve your copy of the new Milk Street Cookbook today and get all the recipes from all seasons of the Milk Street public television show. This book and these recipes will change the way you cook! 

Email Key Summary:

  • 6th Anniversary Edition Milk Street Cookbook at $9.95 (pre-order).
  • 752 pages with 543 recipes from all 144 episodes of Milk Street Television.
  • Code: TV6DEAL for exclusive weekend pricing.
  • Culinary revolution with easier, faster, and bolder home cooking.
  • Features unusual recipes like pour-in-pan pizza and secret LA shrimp taco.
  • Special focus on fresh, bold flavors, with diverse global influences.
  • Complements Milk Street Television’s latest season adventures.
  • Positive testimonials highlighting the book’s appeal and quality.
  • Emphasis on quick, easy recipes with big, exciting flavors.
  • The promise that the cookbook will transform your cooking skills and appreciation for global cuisine.