Dinner Picks: Bice Cucina, Chote Nawab, Alison, Rooftop Valentine, Marcellino & More…

Dinner Picks Bice Cucina, Chote Nawab, Alison, Rooftop Valentine, Marcellino More
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Discover a range of enticing dining deals in this email, featuring renowned establishments like Bice Cucina, Chote Nawab, Alison, Elsie Rooftop, Marcellino, and Le Burger. Indulge in opulent experiences, from a 50% off three-course dinner for two with wine at Bice Cucina to a $39 dinner for two with cocktails at Michelin Chef Winner Chote Nawab. Dive into the cozy yet trendy vibe of Alison with a $65 three-course dinner, savor a romantic rendezvous at Elsie Rooftop for $139, enjoy rustic Italian perfection at Marcellino for $49, or relish a 5-star Yelp-rated dinner for two at Le Burger for $29.

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A New York Times Pick: Bice Cucina

50% Off A 3 Course Dinner For Two With A Bottle Of Wine

Opulent & exclusive, Bice Cucina is a go-to amongst A-listers. Featured in The New York Times, Forbes, and New York Magazine, Bice Cucina is a coveted haven helmed by Chef Silverio Chavez, who will help you indulge in the immersive experience of a “bella notte.” Begin with a bottle of vino and the Tuna Tartare, followed by the behemoth Tagliata 12oz Prime Rib Eye. The Cioccolatissimo chocolate soufflé seals the deal, so revel in the elegant glow and discover where culinary mastery meets timeless sophistication…

Michelin Chef Winner: Chote Nawab

$39 For A Dinner For Two With Cocktails, Wines, Beers

Transportive, luxe, and helmed by a Michelin Starred Chef, Chote Nawab is an authentic jewel of epicurean discovery. Applauded by The New York Times, Zagat, and Eater, the beloved hotspot serves up a duet of divine eats and succulent sips, thanks to Michelin Starred Chef Hemant Mathur. Go seaside via the tender, melt-in-your-mouth Methi Salmon Tikka, while the Lamb or Shrimp Phall delivers the heat thanks to habanero and green chiles. They’re best followed with cocktails or a crisp glass of white wine – cheers!

All About Alison

$65: 3 Course Dinner For Two With Cocktails/Wines/Beers

Step into Alison, a quintessential New York City gem that exudes a cozy yet trendy vibe. Fresh, high-quality ingredients are at the heart of their kitchen philosophy, ensuring that every dish bursts with flavor. We’re talking Lamb Chops, showcasing New Zealand baby lamb chops, curry couscous, and dill labneh, followed by mains like Thai Curry Mussels and Birria repping tender braised beef cheeks, chickpea consommé, corn tortillas & blistered sweet pepper. Wrap it up with the tangy bliss of a Key Lime Pie, and cuddle up to the glow of this neighborhood treasure…

Romantic Rendezvous: Elsie Rooftop

$139: 3 Course V-Day Dinner For Two With A Bottle Of Prosecco

Love is in the air, and you’ll breath it all in amidst the stars at Elsie Rooftop! With a Bottle Of Prosecco to savor while you devour, cuddle up in this cozy, etherial haven. The enclosed, heated space is dreamy, perfect for flirtation & adoration. Let velvety Burrata kick off your palate adventure, moving on to juicy Hanger Steak with roasted finger potatoes, or Lobster Ravioli with pink butter sauce, capped off with a dessert of Marinated Brandy Strawberries with whipped cream & chocolate. This is Elsie…. Make The Night At Marcellino

Make The Night At Marcellino

$49 For A 3 Course Italian Dinner For 2 + Cocktails, Wines, Beers

Nestled under the Little Italy sign and repping a rustic Italian style, Marcellino is picturesque perfection. Expect family recipes crafted with fresh, local ingredients to create unparalleled dishes, best savored while you sip on a luscious glass of wine. Crunch into the Bruschetta Parma with prosciutto, followed by Veal Marsala (Veal escalopes, wild mushrooms, rice pilaf, Marsala sauce) or the rich Branzino Al Forno. End your night on a sweet note with the smooth Panna Cotta paired with tart berries, and cheers to an amazing night…

Welcome: Le Burger, East Village

$29: 5 Star Yelp Rated Dinner For Two With Wines, Beers

An intimate jewel nestled in a warm, brick & wood laden space in the East Village, Le Burger is an ode to the rich, decadent flavors of France in burger form. The spot also reps a curated wine list, so sip while you drool over stacked creations like L’ Champion – a juicy ceef burger with gruyere, fresh mushrooms, lettuce, pickles, and truffle oil. Another favorite is the L’ Bacon, repping beef, cheddar, bacon, red onions, lettuce, pickles, and BBQ sauce. Bite after bite, you’ll realize your favorite burger in America…is a French one…

Email Key Summary:

  1. Bice Cucina: 50% off three-course dinner for two with wine, featuring A-list chef Silverio Chavez’s creations.
  2. Chote Nawab: $39 dinner for two with cocktails, wines, beers, by Michelin Starred Chef Hemant Mathur.
  3. Alison: $65 three-course dinner for two with cocktails, wines, beers, offering cozy yet trendy NYC vibes.
  4. Elsie Rooftop: $139 three-course V-Day dinner for two with Prosecco, in a dreamy, enclosed rooftop space.
  5. Marcellino: $49 three-course Italian dinner for two with cocktails, wines, beers, nestled under the Little Italy sign.
  6. Le Burger: $29 five-star Yelp-rated dinner for two with wines, beers, featuring French-inspired decadent burgers.