Don’t wait! Order your dietitian-approved program today

Don't wait! Order your dietitian-approved program today
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This email was sent February 10, 2024 3:57am

This email offers a 50% discount on a dietitian-approved program by bistroMD, encouraging recipients to take immediate action. The program, doctor-designed and chef-prepared, promises to simplify goal achievement with personalized meal delivery. It emphasizes empowering members with tools for transformative wellness, focusing on metabolism correction and delivering delicious, healthy meals.

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SAVE 50% OFF. Simplify reaching your goals

Simplify Reaching Your Goals

Embark on a personalized journey with bistroMD’s program, doctor-designed and expertly prepared by chefs. Start today and enjoy additional savings with a special offer of 50% off plus free shipping on your first week.

Program Benefits

Our mission is to empower members with the tools and support needed for transformative wellness. Committed to the science of metabolism correction, we assure the delivery of delicious, healthy meals that contribute to your goal achievement.

Email Key Summary:

  1. Discount Offer: Save 50% on bistroMD’s dietitian-approved program.
  2. Meal Delivery: Doctor-designed and chef-prepared meals for personalized journeys.
  3. Limited Time Offer: Urges recipients not to wait and to order today.
  4. Free Shipping: Additional savings with the special offer include free shipping on the first week.
  5. Wellness Mission: bistroMD is committed to empowering members with tools and support for transformative wellness.
  6. Metabolism Correction: Focus on the science of metabolism correction for effective goal achievement.
  7. Healthy Meals: Assures delivery of delicious and healthy meals supporting overall health goals.