Final Day $50 Gift Card $35!

Final Day $50 Gift Card $35!
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This email was sent February 12, 2024 8:32pm

The email highlights the final day of enticing deals, including a $50 gift card for only $35, half-off trial-sized bags, and a free choice of a $13.79 half-cup spice with a $10 purchase. The email emphasizes the importance of kindness and love in cooking while offering attractive discounts to make spice purchases more accessible. The deals end today, urging recipients not to miss out on the opportunities to save.

Email Text Version:

Last Day Free Choice $13 Spice w $10—Half-Off Trial Bags—$25

Yes, the kindness, caring, and love at the heart of cooking truly are the best hope for saving humanity. It’s our job to say this as often as we can. But we’ve also got really nice spices and easy-to-use seasonings that make good times around the dinner table sharing tasty food something anyone can achieve. We are proud of this, too.

Today really does end four awfully good deals that make buying and sharing more of our spices a lot easier on your pocket book.

$50 Gift Cards for $35 make great gifts and are awesome for sharing all we do, but they also make a great gift for yourself to save on future purchases. And though the $35 price ends today, the cards themselves are forever cards with no expiration dates or fees.

$3.29 to $1.69 Trial-Sized Bags now half priced at $1.65 to 85¢, make it easy to always be ready to share your favorite seasoning or spice. Cash tips mean so much to so many, but a cash tip plus a favorite seasoning brings extra smiles. There’s a lot of humanity in these little bags. People need that, too.

A free choice of up to a $13.79 half-cup spice or seasoning with $10 purchase gives you the chance to pick up that old favorite or try something new. The one half-cup that maxes out the $13.79 price is the Italian-style Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle. It’s so good on everything from salads to sandwiches to pasta to fish, chicken, and vegetables. It’s also our customer’s favorite popcorn seasoning.

Plus free regular shipping with just $25 in spending instead of the usual $40 makes getting those couple items you are out of, a handful of half-price trial bags, and your free $13.79 half-cup so much more within reach. This all ends today. Don’t miss out.

No coupons or codes are needed for the $50 Gift Cards for $35 and free regular shipping with just $25 spending instead of the usual $40.

For your free choice of up to $13.79 half-cup jar of spice or seasoning with $10 purchase and half off all Trial-Sized Bags in our stores, just be ready to show this email or the printed-out coupons from above and below.

Online at, for half off all Trial-Sized Bags and free up to $13.79 choice of half-cup jar of spice or seasoning with $10 purchase, just enter LOVE into the apply code box at checkout. It’s pretty easy.

And thanks for being a Cook. On good days your kindness and compassion make this world a better place. On bad days you keep this world from falling apart. It really is so nice to have you around.

Please keep being you,

[email protected]

Email Key Summary:

  • $50 Penzeys Gift Card for $35, ending today, with no expiration dates or fees.
  • Half-off Trial Bags, ranging from $3.29 to $1.69, now priced at $1.65 to 85¢.
  • Free choice of up to a $13.79 half-cup spice or seasoning with a $10 purchase.
  • Italian-style Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle highlighted as a top choice.
  • Free regular shipping with $25 spending, instead of the usual $40, making purchases more accessible.
  • Deals applicable in-store with the email or printed coupons, online with code “LOVE” at