The Best $15 You Never Spent

The Best $15 You Never Spent
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This email was sent February 15, 2024 2:45am

The email offers a $15 discount on purchases from the Carnivore Club Marketplace using the promo code GET15. The email emphasizes the opportunity to save on a variety of products, from jerky to pantry items. The promotion requires a minimum spend of $75, encouraging customers to explore the marketplace and enjoy significant savings.

Email Text Version:

Save $15 on Our Marketplace!

We firmly believe that if you love something, you should let it go…for less.

Save $15 on theΒ Carnivore Club MarketplaceΒ when you use promo code GET15!*

From jerky to pantry items. It’s all better for less!

*valid for orders with a minimum spend of $75

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Email Key Summary:

  1. Promotion: Save $15 on Carnivore Club Marketplace.
  2. Promo Code: Use GET15 at checkout.
  3. Product Range: Includes jerky and pantry items.
  4. Minimum Spend: Valid for orders with a minimum spend of $75.
  5. Savings Focus: Emphasizes the opportunity to get more for less.
  6. Brand Engagement: Encourages recipients to claim their brand on Milled.
  7. Action Prompt: Urges recipients to “Shop Now” to avail the discount.