Valentine’s Day Exclusive Offer Awaits You!

Valentine's Day Exclusive Offer Awaits You!
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This email was sent February 4, 2024 2:45pm

The Scottish Bee Company’s Valentine’s Day email offers an exclusive deal with a 20% discount on hot honeys and a Hot Honey Duo Giftset. The newsletter features curated gifts, delightful recipes like Hot Honey Pizza and Chocolate Soufflé, and a podcast episode with The Cheese Lady for enchanting cheeseboard recommendations. Subscribers can use the code “HOTHONEY20” for the exclusive discount, valid until midnight on February 6th. Elevate your celebration with hand-poured beeswax candles and indulge in the pure, golden goodness of Scottish honey. The email aims to enhance Valentine’s Day with a warm ambiance, delectable treats, and culinary inspiration.

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Updates from our hive…

Dive into our Valentine’s Day newsletter for curated gifts, an exclusive 20% off on hot honeys, and delightful recipes like the Hot Honey Pizza and Chocolate Soufflé. Tune into our latest podcast episode with The Cheese Lady for enchanting cheeseboard recommendations – perfect for your Valentine’s Day celebration. Wishing you a lovely Valentine’s Day when it comes!

Elevate your Valentine’s Day with our hand-poured beeswax candles, crafted with love for a warm ambience. Indulge in the pure, golden goodness of our Scottish honey, a delectable treat. Add a touch of passion with our sizzling hot honeys, perfect for spicing up romantic moments.

To help your celebrations along, we’re excited to offer our subscribers an exclusive 20% off on our Hot Honeys and Hot Honey Duo Giftset. Just enter code HOTHONEY20 at checkout to redeem.

Order by midnight on 6th February.


  • Hot Honey Pizza
  • Dark Chocolate & Honey Soufflé

Discover culinary romance this Valentine’s Day with our delicious recipes designed for a perfect date night. From a sweet and spicy Hot Honey Pizza to a divine Chocolate Soufflé, we’re here not only to assist with your gifts but also to help you create flavours for a memorable celebration.

Find our recipes on our YouTube or social media channels.

The Cheese Lady: Crafting Perfect Cheese Experiences

In this podcast, uncover the secrets of crafting the perfect cheeseboard for any occasion and explore a tasting journey featuring global cheeses. Enhance your culinary experiences with expert insights, and discover how these cheeseboard recommendations can elevate your Valentine’s Day celebration.


Email Key Summary:

  • Exclusive Offer: 20% off on Hot Honeys and Hot Honey Duo Giftset.
  • Curated Gifts: Hand-poured beeswax candles, Scottish honey, and sizzling hot honeys.
  • Recipes: Hot Honey Pizza and Chocolate Soufflé for a perfect date night.
  • Podcast Episode: The Cheese Lady shares insights for crafting the perfect cheeseboard.
  • Discount Code: Use “HOTHONEY20” at checkout.
  • Deadline: Order by midnight on February 6th.
  • Ambiance: Enhance Valentine’s Day celebration with warm candles and flavorful honey.
  • Culinary Inspiration: Discover delicious recipes on their YouTube or social media channels.