We’ve got something extra special for you

We've got something extra special for you
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This email was sent February 1, 2024 7:15pm

MuscleFood presents the “Extra Special Butcher’s Box” for just £56.99, offering premium selections curated by their butchers, including chicken breasts, steaks, gourmet burgers, and more. Customers can save £17.30 on this exclusive deal. The offer showcases a variety of high-quality meats, making it a tempting choice for those seeking diverse and top-tier cuts. The promotion is time-sensitive, encouraging recipients to seize the opportunity and shop now.

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Unveiling the Extra Special Butcher’s Box: premium chicken, succulent steaks, gourmet burgers and more, all favourites chosen by our butchers. Save £17.30 when you buy today.

Just £56.99

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Your hamper Includes:

2.5kg Premium Chicken Breasts

2 x 170g The Heritage Range Rump Steaks

2 x 200g Beef Steak Mince

2 x 140g BBQ Chicken Steaks

4 x 135g Prime Pork Loin Steaks

4 x 198g Horseshoe Gammon Steaks

350g Beef Meatballs

4 x Free Range Steak Burgers

200g Diced Southern Fried Chicken Breast

200g Extra Lean Free Range Diced Beef

200g Chicken Breast Mini Fillets

12 x 33g Pork & Caramelised Onion Sausages

6 x 66g Lean Pork & Apple Sausages

10 x 30g Low Fat Unsmoked Bacon Medallions

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Email Key Summary:

  1. Product Showcase: Extra Special Butcher’s Box priced at £56.99.
  2. Savings: Save £17.30 on the curated selection of premium meats.
  3. Butcher’s Favorites: Highlights include 2.5kg Premium Chicken Breasts, The Heritage Range Rump Steaks, BBQ Chicken Steaks, and more.
  4. Variety: Diverse assortment from steaks to meatballs, burgers, and sausages.
  5. Limited Time Offer: Urges recipients to act quickly and take advantage of the exclusive deal.
  6. Appealing Presentation: The email features a visually enticing display of the meat selections to entice customers.