⏰ Last Chance for 30% Off!

Last Chance for 30% Off!
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This email was sent December 5, 2023 5:44am

This email presents a last chance offer for a 30% discount on The Dinner Daily subscription, emphasizing the urgency to lock in the lowest rates before they increase in 2024. The message highlights the benefits of joining, such as customized meal plans, significant grocery savings, and reduced stress with more quality time for home-cooked meals. The time-sensitive discount expires at midnight, and the email encourages recipients to take advantage of the deal for less than $3 per month with the provided code.

Email Text Version:

Lock in our best offer of the year 30% Off! before our rates increase in 2024

Hi –

The clock is ticking!  This is your last chance to join The Dinner Daily at our lowest rates ever, plus enjoy an additional 30% discount before our prices increase in 2024.

Why Join Now?

The offer to lock in our current rates along with a 30% discount expires in just a few hours.

For less than $3 per month (with your discount code), The Dinner Daily will help you save time and money while enjoying easy, healthy meals at home. 

🥘 Customized Meal Plans: Say goodbye to the 5 pm fridge stare. Enjoy a hassle-free, personalized meal plan every week.

💰 Grocery Savings: Our plans are tailored to cut your grocery bills significantly, taking advantage of the weekly sales at your local store.

⏳ Reduce Stress, More Quality Time: Put an end to those last-minute dinner scrambles. Look forward to more quality time enjoying delicious, healthy home-cooked meals. 

With over 1.5 million menus planned, we know a thing or two about making meal planning simple and effective! 🌟

This special deal won’t be available after tonight. We would love to have you join us!  

Join Today at 30% Off! *

Email Key Summary:

  1. Last chance for a 30% discount on The Dinner Daily subscription.
  2. Urgency emphasized to lock in the lowest rates before the 2024 increase.
  3. Benefits highlighted: customized meal plans, significant grocery savings, and reduced dinner-related stress.
  4. Time-sensitive offer expires at midnight.
  5. Encouragement to join with a provided discount code for a monthly cost of less than $3.
  6. Emphasis on the value proposition: hassle-free, personalized meal planning with over 1.5 million menus planned.
  7. Invitation to act quickly and seize the special deal before it expires.