❤️ ⏰ 15% off Pizza Packs for your love!

15% off Pizza Packs for your love!
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This email was sent February 11, 2024 10:01pm

Indulge in the flavor of love with a tempting offer in this email! It announces a delightful 15% discount on Lou Malnati’s Pizza & Combo Packs, ensuring a taste of Chicago’s love for Valentine’s Day. The email also highlights the last chance for free shipping. Recipients can use the code “TCX15PP224” at checkout to enjoy the offer.

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Last chance for FREE SHIPPING!

Free Shipping Ends Today

Love is in full swing, and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with 15% off Lou Malnati’s Pizza & Combo Packs? Order now to make sure they get a taste of Chicago’s love on time!

Use code TCX15PP224 at checkout.

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Celebrate with Eats!

Skip the flowers and chocolates and give them a Taste of Chicago’s heart this Valentine’s Day. An eGift Card is the perfect way to show your love for Chicago and your love for them. Plus, they’re delivered instantly, so you won’t miss a beat.

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Email Key Summary:

  1. Discount Offer: 15% off on Lou’s Pizza Packs and Combo Combos.
  2. Free Shipping: Last chance for free shipping.
  3. Promo Code: Use code “TCX15PP224” during checkout.
  4. Valentine’s Day Theme: Celebrate the day with a taste of Chicago’s love.
  5. E-Gift Option: Suggests sending an eGift Card for a unique Valentine’s Day surprise.